Orthotics Treatment
Orthotics are custom-made arch supports that are an effective treatment for many different types of foot pain and conditions.

An Orthotics treatment can provide additional support and stability for individuals with imbalances in their feet and legs. While over-the-counter orthotic devices are available, severe leg or foot pain are usually best corrected with prescription orthotic supports. Consult with your podiatrist and keep reading to find out if you should consider getting orthotics.

You Experience Foot or Leg Pain after Exercise: Muscular soreness after an intense workout or athletic competition is not out of the ordinary. Pain in your joints, knees, or lower back may indicate that something is wrong. Functional orthotics are rigid, supportive devices which provide shock absorption and prevent excess pronation or “flat feet” as is commonly known. In addition to reducing joint pain, orthotics can also help prevent sprains and strains of muscles and joints.

You Have Difficulty Wearing Shoes Comfortably: If your feet are irregularly shaped, it can not only make finding a comfortable pair of shoes more difficult, but it can also lead to painful problems with your feet and legs. Orthotics can be used to create a better-fitting shoe for your feet, and ultimately reduce pain and stress associated with an imbalanced gait or improperly aligned foot.

You Are Bothered by Constant Calluses or Foot Ulcers: Orthotics are perfect for alleviating pains associated with foot ulcers, calluses, or bunions. These orthotics are make everyday activities like walking more comfortable, even with troublesome foot sores.

You Find it Difficult to Walk, Run, or Stand Up without Foot Pain: If you experience chronic foot or leg pain associated with everyday activities, it is likely an indication that you suffer from some sort of structural or biomechanical problem. Orthotics can compensate for imbalanced movement and irregular foot structure. With a prescription orthotic, walking and standing can be completely painless.

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