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Articles By Dr. Zawada

My Heel Hurts! By Stanley Zawada DPM

Heel pain can be a severely disabling problem causing one to limp and generally ache all over as the body attempts to shift pressure off the painful foot. As the “good” is now strained past its normal demand for support, it too can begin to hurt.

Classic symptoms are pain in the heel taking the first step out of bed in the morning, or after sitting for awhile and then standing, or, it can be constant and nagging occurring with walking or any combination of the above.

The cause of heel pain in this classic scenario is due to microscopic tearing of a thick, strong ligament -the plantar fascia- that attaches to the heel of the foot causing a medical condition known as “plantar fasciitis” or heel pain.

The heel and arch area’s of the foot will show swelling, pain, and increased temperature.

The sooner one gets help, the better. The longer one waits, the longer it may take for the various treatments your podiatrist has available to treat you to work.

The first thing your podiatrist will do is a history and physical exam and then may order x-rays to check for the presence of anything not visible to the naked eye. It is important to be completely honest and thorough with your doctor about your entire medical history leaving nothing out.

Reasons for taking an x-ray include:
*Looking for a possible fracture in the bone that might account for the pain?
*Looking for a foreign body (such as a pin, needle, lead-based glass fragment, other) that shows up on the x-ray that may be the cause of the pain.
*Looking for a bone spur on the bottom of the heel bone, but usually, the presence of this “heel spur” is usually not the cause of the pain. It is a sign of longstanding