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Sprained Ankles, Broken Foot & Toe Bones

Don’t Take Chances With A Foot Injury

If you recently injured your ankle, foot or toe, we can help you recover.

It is commonly believed that if you can still move your ankle, foot or toe after an injury that it is OK and nothing is broken. This is completely false. Being able to move the injured part does not mean it is not broken. Only experience and an X-Ray can determine the extent of the injury and diagnose any broken bones.

Just because nothing is broken is not an indication that the injury is not severe. Soft tissue injuries such as: torn ligaments, torn tendons, and muscle sprains also require proper diagnosis and treatment to prevent future re-injury . Lack of proper diagnosis and treatment can lead to long term and permanent disability.

If your injury meets any of the following conditions, visit Family Foot Center:

  • You injured your ankle foot or toe somehow
  • You could hear or feel something tear
  • It was accompanied by a pop or snap
  • You notice bruising and/or discoloration in the area
  • Swelling of the area

If you’ve recently suffered an injury to your ankle, foot or toe,
don’t hesitate, call Family Foot Center at 718-767-5555.

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