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Hammertoe Diagnosis & Treatment

When it comes to treating hammertoes, time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the worse your condition can get and the more difficult it may become to treat. Hammertoes are the result of muscle and tendon damage within the toe. For some people, hammertoes are genetic. For others, they result from age or ill-fitting shoes. In either case, the toe joint becomes rigid and leaves the toe stuck in its clenched position.

Hammertoes can be the result of heredity, injury or foot imbalance that leads to contractions of the toes. Poorly fitting shoes can also cause them. No matter the cause the toe becomes more and more clenched and rigid with time. Hammertoes can be quite painful and invariably lead to other foot problems.

It is important to get early medical treatment for hammertoes because:

  • Associated problems can occur.
  • Your condition can get progressively worse
  • Resulting sores can easily become infected
  • Walking can become increasingly difficult

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