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There are times that a foot condition affects the rest of the body. These conditions can be caused by something structural rather than infection or strain on the body. For instance, athlete’s foot is caused by a bacteria or an ankle sprain is due to twisting one’s ankle a certain way. However, sometimes, the structure of the foot or ankle themselves are off. While surgery can be an option, many times it’s simpler and more beneficial to use specialized insoles for shoes.

The field that covers that is called “Orthotics”. It’s a specialized medical field that is concerned with the design, creation and application of orthoses. An orthosis is a device that can modify the structural characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system.

These generally come in the form of insoles and can be made of rubber, plastic, or other materials suitable for the previously stated purpose. It adjusts and corrects the alignment of one’s foot while cushioning the foot from excessive strain.

Orthotics help address a variety of problems.

Orthotics in White Stone Podiatry

  • They can restrict movement in any given direction (such as your foot rolling too far to one side).
  • They can help control and guide the way one walks, and assist movement in general. Reduces the stress on certain areas that are bearing too much weight.
  • Can help the rehabilitation from fractures once a cast is removed.
  • Can correct the function of the body providing easier mobility or reducing pain.

Orthotics combines the necessary knowledge of the body with biomechanics and engineering. While orthosis are not necessary for everyone, there are many patients who have had spina bifida, sport injuries, a stroke, and other conditions who have benefited from them.

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