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Diabetes And Feet

If you have diabetes, foot problems are a common and potentially dangerous complication. All diabetics should have regular foot care aimed at preventing foot problems from developing. When a problem occurs early medical intervention is a must.

Although anyone can develop a foot problem, people with diabetes are highly prone to disorders of the feet. This is because changes in blood circulation, damage to the nerves and a loss of sensation are more common in people who have diabetes. Anyone with diabetes should see our Whitestone podiatrist for routine foot screenings for diabetic foot issues.

Diabetes Presents A Unique Foot-Care Challenge!

Left to itself, diabetes causes nerve damage that can have a particularly detrimental impact on your feet. Not only do your feet have to endure an inordinate amount of stress, but they are also at the farthest reaches of your circulatory system. When nerve damage occurs, the health and safety of your feet is severely compromised.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Neuropathy, or disease of the nerves, is common with diabetes and feet problems. One of the main concerns with diabetic neuropathy is that it causes a loss of sensation in the feet. When you are not able to detect hot, cold, pressure or pain, you could experience a severe foot injury. For example, you could get a blister or cut on your foot and walk around for hours without noticing it. A small wound could become infected because the skin breaks down without you feeling any pain.

Skin Changes

Skin changes are a frequent cause for concern in people with diabetes. Many diabetic people notice that their feet become dry. Severe foot dryness may cause cracking, espec