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Warts And Treatment

Remove Your Painful Warts!

Warts are a common viral skin infection that can occur anywhere on the body including your feet. They are contagious. They can occur as a single lesion or appear to be a group clustered together. Warts on the feet can be painful, unsightly and if left untreated they will spread.

Some patients think they have just a callous or a corn but in fact they have this type of infection. Home remedies are marginally effective and warts are notoriously hard to treat without proper medical care. Family Foot center offers professional wart treatment. There are several methods available to treat warts.

You should seek professional wart treatment if:

  • You notice a new growth on your feet or toes.
  • Home remedies and self-treatment are not solving the problem
  • The wart is painful or embarrassing
  • It is easily irritated or seems to be growing

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts, or Palmer warts, are quite common, especially in children. The way you name them depends on where you find them. If it’s on your hand, they’re Palmer warts. However, if they’re on your foot, they’re Plantar warts.

These warts are a non-cancerous and nonmalignant skin growth, caused by a viral infection in the top layer of the skin. The virus is one of the many strains of human papillomavirus or HPV. Please realize, that this is not the same strain that causes genital warts.

These warts are not harmful, but they do cause discomfort and pain depending on their location. These warts generally appear on the heels or other weight bearing areas of your feet.

Plantar warts can be quite unsightly. On an average, they grow to the size of a thumb tack, but can grow bigger. They can also grow in clusters. These are called mosaic warts. Sometimes, little black dots will appear in the warts, these are blood vessels that grown into the wart.

Warts are spread from one person to another. The transmission isn’t direct. For instance, a child with a wart may touch a toy in their kindergarten, and then another child touches that same toy. While for adults, they may enter a shower where a person with plantar warts didn’t use shower shoes. Indirect transmission does occur.

The most direct manner one can get a wart, is when the virus enters through tiny cuts, breaks or weak spots at the bottom of your feet.

The risk of getting a wart can vary from person to person. Those with a weaker immune system are the most likely to get a wart. However, even healthy immune systems doesn’t stop a wart from appearing.

The symptoms of a Plantar Wart include:
– Hard or grainy growth
– A fleshy or bulbous growth
– A painful grown on the bottom of your foot

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